Installation Guide

How to Install License Plate Frame

Installation Advisory: License plates and license plate frames are usually installed quite easily. CAUTION! Never drill your vehicle’s front bumper to install our license plates or license plate frames. You can damage air bag sensors located in the front end of your vehicle or cause air bags to deploy. If you have problems with installation, we recommend contacting an authorized vehicle dealer of the brand of your vehicle.

Installation Instructions:

Remove the license plate and place it into the frame. Unscrew the mounting bolts holding the tag to the bumper. Some frames have tabs along the bottom border to hold the plate with two screw holes to secure the top. Other frames use all four screw holes.

Secure the tag with the frame around it. Place the mounting bolts through all available screw holes in the frame. These holes will align with the holes in the license plate. Screw the bolts into the threaded fittings on the bumper.